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Healing The Erotic Self Healing Guide and Workbook (Ebook)

Healing The Erotic Self Healing Guide and Workbook (Ebook)

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Written by clinical sexologist, Mx. Lena Queen, LCSW, M.Ed. (Queen/they), this innovative healing guide and workbook is filled with empowering views regarding sexual pleasure, sexual empowerment, and sexual healing. This sex-positive, pleasure-affirming book is for those struggling with sexual distress and wanting to unpack and unlearn self-limiting beliefs about the healing relationship to their erotic embodiment, The Erotic Self.

Filled with self-reflection prompts to guide you to reclaim your healing narrative that centers your sexual liberation unapologetically, this healing guide and journal challenges societal and sexual assumptions and expectations ("The Defaults") and offers a refreshing and empowering framework to develop an experience-centered lovership.

Queen takes their 20+ years of experience as a trauma-responsive social worker, and a healing-centered integrative psychotherapist, in addition to, their experience as a somatic sex therapist to introduce a liberatory healing framework to help you dissolve sexual distress in your journey towards sexual healing and sexual liberation. This healing guide and self-reflection can be used for both personal healing and professional development.

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